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The spirit of the Horse

We say spirit of the horse..

Because we respect our horses, giving them the opportunity of a natural way of life in herds and great spaces. Because we physically and technically train them all year long with various works, which is the guarantee of their versatility and their balance.

We say adventure..

Because our passion is freedom, because our perpetual quest is to find newest and wildest routes. The control of GPS orientation technologies, our accommodation and the quality of our horses free us from the constraining beaten tracks.

We say Pyrenees.

Because this land of adventure has known how to preserve a virgin nature and absolute authenticity. Because on those lands, simplicity, solidarity and conviviality keep their whole meaning.

We simply welcome you as we are to share these seldom and intense moments.

Who Are We?

Horse riding guide, qualified teacher, horse breaker, Sylvain Salamero is also our supervisor. Born in Ariege, he will share his passions with you : mountains and horses. He also will share his skills with you : foals training, trekking in high mountains, horse carriage, jumping, cross country.., Sylvain Salamero is also a trainer to the horse vocation.

During the trekking an administrator deals with horses and riders logistics, meals and bivouacs. If necessary a translator joins the riders.

Our horses live together all year long and get on very well. Their versatility is wonderful : from beginners to competitors, from trekking to jumping, they will give you entire satisfaction. They work all year long and are perfectly trained and broken in. They will take you to the high mountains, teach you to ride and even initiate you to the pleasures of horse carriage or trick riding. Most of our horses are of Merens or Castillon breed, which birthplace is Ariege.

These breeds have the peculiarity to spend six months a year in the mountain pastures at their youngest age. Their feet are sure and their ability to walk in the Pyreneans tracks will amaze you.

Ferme équestre du Soularac – l'esprit du cheval - 09500 Roumengoux
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